6 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Advertising Sales in Media Companies

  • 47% of advertisers are currently using artificial intelligence for audience targeting
  • Only 39% use it for media spend optimization and personalized offers
  • One in three advertisers claims they have no plans to use artificial intelligence for offers

1. Advertisers and Agencies’ Buying Patterns

  • Being more predictive
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming processes

2. Early Warning Alerts Reduce Customer Churn

3. Boost Media Companies Ad Ops’ Productivity

  • AppNexus who in 2017 launched a programmable demand-side platform (DSP) to harness machine learning and assist traders in managing and calibrating strategies.
  • Rubicon Project who uses machine learning to manage the massive amounts of rich data to predict the performance of advertiser campaigns and rank the performance of advertisers depending on different variables, to set the right expectations for pricing and yield.

4. Provide Price Optimization Tools with Big Data

5. Customers Improve Upselling & Cross-Selling

6. Key Media Customers with Lead Scoring

Artificial Intelligence-assisted Ad Operations: What’s Next?

  • 60% of people consider it to make content or to message more relevant
  • Only 53% use it to sell more advertising inventory
  • 42% leverage it to win new business or RFPs



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