7 Gaps in Ad Sales Management for Streaming Media

1. Provide Proper Tools to Pitch Inventory Value

2. Consolidate Information from All Integrations

3. Use Data for Decision-Making

4. Establish Workflows for Time-Consuming Tasks

  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Fees
  • Commissions

5. Improve Abilities to Sell Across Channels

6. Enhance Understanding of the Accounting Process

  • Reconciling figures associated with larger campaigns is a big undertaking and, when not handled properly, can result in many errors.
  • This is particularly true in industries where bidding and last-minute changes can throw an entire numbers game on its head.
  • When your team understands how to properly provide numbers — and revise numbers when things change — you can minimize errors and rely on more accurate reporting, and provide actionable information to customers.

7. Maintain Consistency between Sales and Operations

Staying competitive in ad sales can make or break your ad operations for streaming media. Too many gaps can be your downfall.



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