ABC Startsiden choose Salesforce Powered ADvendio to Streamline Their Ad Sales

3 min readMay 3, 2019

Elevated Collaboration and Advertising Selling with ADvendio

ABC Startsiden is a Norwegian media company which is owned by Periscopus AS.
ABC Startsiden consists of a number of brands such as the web portal, online news site ABC Nyheter, viral video site SeDenne and the inspirational service Kreative Ideer.

ABC Startsiden wanted to replace Google Dart Sales Manager (DSM) with a platform that could manage digital inventory from DFP and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.

With a successful implementation of the ADvendio software, ABC Startsiden were able to streamline their advertising sales management process to ensure collaboration and efficiency across ad sales and operations.

Digital Transformation: A Necessary Disruption

With a focus to limit the number of operating systems and integrations while managing digital inventory and harmoniously integrating with Salesforce, they were seeking a scalable cloud-first solution that was fully compliant with EU privacy regulations.

After a flawless setup process, ABC Startsiden, successfully integrated with the ADvendio platform for a variety of their digital publications such as,,, and These automated processes and enhanced data flow will consolidate advertising operations for Startsiden.

Startsiden Embraces Complete Digital Processes

ADvendio will connect ABC Startsiden full digital process with features such as its Salesforce-powered CRM, inventory management, pricing and rate card management, ad server connections, and integrations with Google Ad Manager (GAM).

Jannis Skipis, Senior Technical Account Manager at ADvendio, is delighted with the results and appreciates ABC Startsiden’s complete collaboration in completing the implementation in a short time frame of three months.

“The professional and pragmatic approach from Startsiden and their professional team of specialists who had a deep technical understanding and knowledge of digital advertising made it possible to implement ADvendio as their digital sales system rapidly.”

He adds that “although Startsiden migrated from Google DSM into ADvendio, which was challenging at the beginning, we now have an almost generic solution for this. This migration of their digital core system highlights the capabilities of our features, which can be easily adapted from leading platforms such as DSM within a short time frame.”

Mona Blomdal, Head of Ad & Sales Operations explains: “We have been using Salesforce for a long time so ADvendio was a perfect solution for streamlining our workflow and minimize time spent on system integrations and training. ADvendio comes with a managed integration to GAM which is working very well and optimizes the communication between sales and ad operations. We also appreciate that the system is tailored for digital media and are very flexible and easy to adjust to our workflows.”

Mona is pleased with the results as she adds: “The implementation process has gone perfectly. With excellent assistant from our technical account manager Jannis Skipis, we have managed to establish a good setup and the internal know-how to administer the solution in the future.”

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