ADvendio Accelerates Its Tech Product Roadmap, Launching a Raft of New Features to Optimize Retail Media Campaign Performance

2 min readApr 25, 2024


ADvendio, the leading omnichannel retail media advertising platform, has today announced a series of new features, which will help retailers optimize retail media campaign performance through its solution, as part of its technology product roadmap acceleration planned for the U.S. market.

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As the only Salesforce-powered retail media network (RMN) solution to combine on-site and off-site ad capabilities on one complete platform, ADvendio already works with leading global retailers including Ahold Delhaize, Albertsons, ULTA Beauty and Woolworth’s.
Out of the world’s top 25 largest retailers, nine partner with ADvendio, using the ADvendio ONE platform to power retail, allowing them to monetize first-party data, scale campaigns and increase ROAS (return on ad spend).
ADvendio will further accelerate its product roadmap to help retailers optimize retail media campaign performance through its platform with the launch of new features.
ADvendio will launch its Data Clean Rooms feature, which will help retailers address cookie depreciation as Google follows other web browsers in culling 3rd party tracking cookies.
Leveraging ADvendio’s Data Clean Rooms feature, retailers can navigate privacy and GDPR compliance and gain customer insights based on the analysis of aggregated and anonymized datasets. This enables them to utilize customer insights and analytics to enhance and optimize their campaigns without the need for cookies.
Samantha Giaver, Head of Global Sales at ADvendio, commented: “With the digital marketing landscape evolving at pace, retailers are having to pivot hard to adapt to new regulations as well as rapidly changing consumer behaviors. That’s why we’ve further accelerated our tech roadmap to ensure we’re able to offer up best-in-class features that help retailers optimize their retail media network offers and capabilities to reach conversion-ready consumers.”
Angus Dowie, Regional Manager at ADvendio, added: “As the only retail media solution which unifies all channels — in-store, offsite and onsite — for us, the opportunity goes beyond even retail media. It encompasses unlocking first party data to activate across all channels, and to democratise data across all teams, whether that’s retail media, trade marketing or internal marketing teams.”
ADvendio will also roll out new Ad Ops capabilities, including the development of its Creative Management & Validation feature, which will allow users to upload campaign creatives and assets centrally on the platform, and use external servers to validate them.
Its new Planning API will also help increase productivity for users and agencies, allowing them to plan omnichannel retail media campaigns holistically on ADvendio’s integrated platform.

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Originally posted on on 23rd April 2024




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