ADvendio Spring ’21 Release: New Features and Enhancements

4 min readJun 22, 2021

We aim to improve the ADvendio product on a regular basis to give our customers the best possible experience. As a result, our ADvendio Product & Development team launches new customer-focused features and updates every month to ensure that our omnichannel advertising management platform is future-proofed to meet the ever-changing needs of advertising industry professionals.

Over the last number of weeks, we’ve added a variety of new features and product improvements to our Spring 2021 update. This Spring, we put a special emphasis on enhancing our self-service ad platform, contract commitment features as well as all-new campaign data reconciliation features.

A summary of the main improvements we have made available to customers this Spring can be found below.

Up-to-date Ad Server Gateway APIs

Customers benefit from the assurance that ADvendio will always be running the latest ad server API version. The delivery of up-to-date ad server APIs happens automatically once you or your system administrator updates your ADvendio system to the latest version.

Customers can trust that ADvendio will always be running the most recent version of ad server APIs. To view the full list of API & service versions used by the latest ADvendio releases please check our Interface Version Control overview. When you or your system administrator upgrade your ADvendio system to the latest version, the distribution of up-to-date ad server APIs happens automatically.

ADvendio has made the following gateway updates:

Self-Service Advertising Portal Enhancements

With our Salesforce native solution for self-service advertising, your customers will have no trouble booking their own omnichannel advertising campaigns with minimal supervision. Taking advantage of Salesforce’s sophisticated sales and marketing automation technologies to book inventory across all channels, from digital to radio and outdoor advertising, while preserving customer happiness and campaign performance.

We focused on developing our Self Service Ad Portal in our Spring ’21 release to improve the main campaign booking experience for all customers. Our goal was to create a number of components that would make the ADvendio Self-Service platform simple to set up and comprehensive enough for all customers to book effective media campaigns using a guided self-serve approach.

We’re excited to share that as part of our Spring ’21 release, we’ve added components for Campaign Creation, Audience Selection, Inventory Result Display with Availability Check, Shopping Cart Summary, and Payment per Invoice, which are now accessible to all ADvendio Self-Service users.

Check out our recently published article for a more in-depth look at our latest self-service capability enhancements, which includes a short video demonstration of the campaign booking process from beginning to end.

Combining Complex Contract Commitments

Commitments are used to keep track of financial agreements between you and your publishers, clients, and/or customer agencies. This is predominately to assist with managing expected advertising turnover but also in order to accurately allocate specific discounts or rebates in kind. In the past, it was possible to apply just one Commitment of each type per Media Campaign, and also only one Commitment Condition of each type was applicable per Campaign Item.

As part of our Spring ’21 release, we have enhanced the commitments feature to better handle the implementation of multiple commitments of the same type within the same Media Campaign, as well as multiple Commitment Conditions of the same type per Campaign Item. With our latest updates, you will be able to simply handle multiple Commitments and Commitment Conditions within one deal. ADvendio will then calculate and allocate all revenues and discounts appropriately. This update is necessary to appropriately reflect multi-tiered pricing and discounts, as well as the proper handling of Campaigns that encompass multiple Commitment contracts.

Reliable Reconciliation of Campaign Data

When working with agencies in particular there can be difficulties for publishers when an advertiser or agency demands that campaigns be invoiced based on various types of delivery data i.e. third-party data sources i.e. Krux, Double Verify, Moat, and Datorama, or manual data sources. If the data source for campaign invoicing purposes is to be agreed upon per campaign — What data source can you trust to be accurate & transparent?

ADvendio’s latest development allows invoicing based on multiple sources, for example, third-party vendors, agency data, or manual data sources. Publishers will be able to divert resources currently allocated to contract reconciliation to revenue drivers such as audience growth and premium content creation by automating contract reconciliation. To put it another way, publishers can turn their attention away from the back-office tasks and focus on their core product. Moat and Datorama integrations are currently available for the reconciliation of media data with additional sources to be added in the near future.

Customers can access the ADvendio knowledge base at any time for additional information on our features, release notes, or support information. If you’d like to learn more about ADvendio, visit our AppExchange® listing or contact your ADvendio technical account manager, who will be happy to address your requirements in greater depth.

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