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5 min readDec 15, 2021

The amount of work put in before a marketing campaign goes live is frequently used to define its effectiveness. As the saying goes, if you don’t prepare, you should prepare to fail. This is especially true for advertising campaigns, where you may fall short of expectations if you don’t spend enough time planning who you want to reach with your campaigns, how you’ll reach them, how long it’ll take you to reach them, and how you’ll manage all of these variables while staying on budget to maximize results.

Whether you are a buyer or seller of advertising inventory, ADvendio provides publishers, advertisers, and agencies with the tools and solutions they need to successfully manage advertising campaigns in an interconnected and straightforward manner. Streamlining repetitive procedures and ensuring that all of the data you need is at your fingertips at all times and that each action you take is reflected elsewhere in the system for complete business process visibility.

Our Media Configuration tool used to be a central hub for users who wanted to manage all aspects of their campaigns before they went live, including targeting, price, run time, quantity, frequency capping, and more. We completely updated the media configuration tool, which is now known as the Campaign Builder, in our most recent release. We’ll be adding a number of performance enhancements and added feature capabilities, as well as a new name, that we believe will benefit all clients and make campaigns easier to plan and operate at scale.

Campaign Builder Takes the Place of Media Configuration

The Campaign Builder was created using the most recent Salesforce lightning web technology, allowing it to take advantage of the most up-to-date features available in the Salesforce ecosystem. All current users will be familiar with the method for accessing the campaign builder, which will not differ from how clients have accessed the media configuration tool in the past.

Our powerful media search tool allows users to find and select the inventory they require. Support for linear inventory bundles, such as combined newspaper and magazine inventory in one transaction, for quick and easy booking and improved operational efficiency. After adding items to the basket and confirming them, the user is redirected to the new campaign builder, where they may validate the specifics of their direct and programmatic inventory requirements for their upcoming campaign. This includes altering required quantities, targeting, frequency capping, and much more, much like with the media configuration tool.

Any media campaign record at an account level will have access to the Campaign Builder toolset via the Campaign Item Related List window. Meaning that once you’ve booked your inventory using the media search function, you can simply go to the campaign section within ADvendio and make adjustments to the inventory you’ve already booked. This is especially true for items that have already been saved and offered but may need to be modified after talks with the client.

The enhanced Campaign Builder will assist publishers in generating custom orders for their clients, as well as ensuring that inventory is recognized as sold in the system, allowing for better insight into available and sold inventory on demand. The improved campaign builder will assist marketers in outlining the precise requirements of their campaign from a single location. Allowing for full campaign planning from a single system and increased efficiency.

Significant Enhancements to the UI and Performance

The Campaign Builder’s usability and versatility will be the most important improvements with this edition. Clients will be able to update many campaign items in a single session with the new technology, removing the need to switch screens or save small changes in between. As you alter inventory prices and quantities, a total will appear on the screen to ensure budgets are prioritized at all times. Furthermore, the new Campaign Builder helps to reduce some of the noise and unnecessary information that can cause confusion and distraction for your salespeople and marketers by allowing you to display only the most relevant fields and options for your specific business process.

The Campaign builder user interface is completely customizable, allowing users to hide or make read-only any fields that are no longer needed. To simplify the user experience and minimize misunderstanding, consider hiding unnecessary targeting options for print products, or removing the discount area if your organization does not offer discounts.

The increased flexibility extends not only to the fields that are displayed but also to how interactions with specific fields are relayed to other parts of the order as well as the ADvendio system as a whole. Custom formula fields can now be created by users to calculate values and summarize text based on certain conditions. This gives your users a whole new level of flexibility when it comes to placing orders, and you can use this versatile feature to streamline your campaign planning process in a variety of ways.

The Campaign Builder Beta Is Now Available

The Campaign Builder beta is available starting with our December release ( ADvendio version 2.149), with a complete release expected for the end of Q2 2022. From January 2022 onwards, we will continue to improve this feature based on iterative input from customers who want to take advantage of the features given by our beta release. Enhancing targeting capabilities to support geographic, device, and connect targeting, which is in scope for early 2022, is one of the items that has already been confirmed as a high priority for early release.

Customers can visit the ADvendio knowledge base at any time to learn more about our features, read release notes, and get help. If you’d like to learn more about ADvendio, please visit our Salesforce AppExchange® listing or contact your ADvendio technical account manager, who would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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