ADvendio’s Customer Portal Empowers Clients to Self-serve

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Self-service portals are a great way to share information and collaborate efficiently with people who are key to your business processes, such as customers or partners.

We understand that often the communication process involved in advertising sales can slow down the entire process. For example, RFP’s are submitted by the client which must be received and responded to with a proposal, which also requires some deliberation and amending, and this is only a small snapshot of the entire process. Questions and clarifications can take up a huge amount of your sales reps’ time and slows down your entire business process simply due to the nature of email communication and creative-based media sales. It is often the case that the only viable option for increasing the efficiency of such processes is to invest in human resources. This brings its own complex challenges and ultimately is a costly method that cannot guarantee scalability.

ADvendio’s self-service portal provides you with the tools to simply create your own portal for effective communication, and information-sharing between you and your advertisers and agencies. Clients can create and review orders, download invoices, upload their ad content as well as quickly and effectively receive clarification on queries via built-in communication channels. This functionality enables your clients to self-serve, and by utilizing content moderation rules, engage in guided self-selling while guaranteeing the highest standards of content control. Moderation rules allow you to automate regulation ensuring that the time needed to manage individual cases is reduced and your process is as efficient as possible.

The 4 Key Advantages of ADvendio’s Self-service Customer Portal

1. User Interface

The ADvendio self-service customer portal is built upon the Salesforce Community Cloud infrastructure and utilizes Salesforce technology to provide simple user-interface management. Lightning templates can be used with straightforward drag-and-drop components to build your portal, just as you always imagined it. For users more accustomed to the Classic Salesforce functionality this is also available to you for use.

Navigational features & content topics provide an excellent way to organize content and information in your portal. The use of topics can aid the readability of your portal content by implementing a structure that allows you to highlight key discussions topics and other important updates. Topics can also be created directly from discussions that emerge organically from members’ posts within the portal so that key points, learnings, and feedback are not lost to the myriad of communication channels available across an organization.

2. User Management

When giving customers and clients access to self-service capabilities moderation is key to keeping consistency and efficiency. Users should only have access to the tools and capabilities that are applicable to their job and the tasks they are required to carry out within the portal. ADvendio offers best-in-class profile and permission management powered by Salesforce Communities, as standard. This means that any number of publishers & advertisers using your system can operate within pre-decided boundaries while being free to utilize the system to speed up repetitive manual processes.

3. Standardized Process Support

ADvendio’s Flow Templates offer you the possibility to get started quickly and simply with pre-built process support for your portal pages supported via Lightning Flows including:

  • Request & manage RFIs and RFPs
  • Order creation
  • Upload and assignment of campaign creatives
  • Request & manage campaign optimizations
  • Download campaign results, proof of performance and actuals regarding delivered services
  • Invoice downloading

Flow templates accelerate automation, allowing you to customize them to fulfill your needs, without starting from scratch. Simply customize these processes to ensure you have a system that matches your business process no matter the complexity.

4. Standardized API Controller Set

As with other areas of the system, ADvendio’s self-serve portal supports the use of specific API’s to connect external third-party systems in order to allow you to simply:

  • Check inventory availability and campaign item exclusivity
  • Access complex features including commitment and price rules
  • Media campaign creation including campaign items

These standardized API connections ensure that the functionality that you enjoy in the ADvendio system is offered to your customers and clients from their portal environment to reduce the time spent on manual repetitive processes.

Efficiency and scalability to boost your business effectiveness

Self-service portals offer an effective way to manage more customers, media, and campaigns while also freeing up internal resources to speed up your overall business process. Use cases such as the ability to create or request an offer, create and submit orders, download invoices, upload creative, and check the status of commitments in real-time, provides ownership to customers, agencies and partners to self-serve while also saving you time on managing individual clients and accounts.

Make sure to stay informed of our latest development & enhancement release notes which you can access via the ADvendio knowledge base. If you’re interested in learning more, you can request a demo with one of our sales reps today.

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