ADvendio’s Digital Advertising Integrations

3 min readJan 18, 2022


At ADvendio, we specialize in providing an interconnected advertising management platform for our customers in order to allow them to centralize all advertising needs without having to rely on dozens of disconnected systems and manual processes. Simplifying the management of all advertising operations and activities through native integrations to help your business to be more effective.

This is the third in a series of articles that cover some of the key integrations included in the ADvendio Connect package. For more information on other integrations, visit our post on our most popular integrations, our latest article on new integration releases, or our Integrations webpage. Today, we will present three of our most important integrations for digital media, which we are keen to introduce to our customers for 2022 and beyond.

Triton Digital

Triton Digital is a global technology and services provider to the digital audio and podcast industry. Providing technology that enables broadcasters, podcasters, and online music services to build their audience, maximize their revenue, and streamline their operations.

Triton Ad Platform is an advertising management platform that can be easily integrated with ADvendio to support publishers’ digital audio advertising needs. Our integration offers publishers the tools they need to build digital audio campaigns within ADvendio for submission to the Triton Ad Platform. Including transfer of connection IDs, assigning targeting information within ADvendio based on the available criteria from Triton, building media campaigns including individual campaign items, and submitting these campaigns directly to Triton for execution.

In the near future, ADvendio will further support delivery report sync and forecasting capabilities.


FreeWheel provides a platform that supports entertainment companies, and video networks to plan, decide, and report on video inventory. FreeWheel delivers the technology, data sharing, and converged marketplaces needed to ensure that buyers and sellers can execute transactions across all screens, data types, and distribution channels.

The integration of ADvendio and FreeWheel enables ADvendio users, particularly those in the video and television industries, to manage the selling, distribution, and monetization of video content more efficiently.

By connecting these two systems, a streamlined process has been established that enables accurate and transparent targeting as well as secure data management, saving you time and ensuring data accuracy. Reporting capabilities enable you to easily identify and improve the efficiency of your media campaigns and ad inventory by measuring campaign performance.


Yieldlab is a leading supply-side platform (SSP) for private marketplaces and publishers specialized in premium programmatic advertising within Europe’s publishing industry. Yieldlab’s solution allows publishers to optimize advertising revenue and manage cross-channel ad inventory.

Yieldlab’s integration with ADvendio enables publishers to more effectively monetize their entire cross-media ad inventory while also managing and strengthening programmatic advertising capabilities, enabling an automated and real-time selling and buying process from a single secure platform.

ADvendio users can benefit from seamless and highly secure processes and data flows with maximum transparency and control opportunities across all advertising clients, channels, campaigns, and inventories, strengthening agency-client relationships.


ADvendio is constantly developing and improving our solution in order to integrate with more ad servers and exchanges and better meet the needs of our customers. Whether you require a specific DSP, SSP, ad exchange, or ERP system integration, please speak to a member of our team to see if it is currently on our roadmap or if a custom build integration is possible.

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