ADvendio’s Exclude Targeting Criteria Streamlines Audience Targeting

2 min readJun 11, 2019

Reaching the exact target audience to be addressed by a particular ad can be a challenging task. A lot of information regarding preferences and data analysis is required along with a system that displays different targeting options and enables a flexible selection of various criteria. Thus ADvendio allows publishers not only to include criteria but also to exclude targeting criteria.

Inflexible Targeting — A Big Hurdle for Publishers

Creating media campaigns and selecting the right combination of targeting criteria to reach the desired target group can be a complex task. The right ad inventory needs to be added to each media campaign and for each item of the campaign, you need to select the exact individual criteria. Therefore, you may not only want to include criteria but also except certain criteria to ensure that ads are not shown to people who are not the intended audience.

Inflexible systems complicate and disrupt the compilation of the right criteria by providing insufficient criteria or combination possibilities, resulting in a slow and difficult process. This makes it difficult to reach the desired target groups and to offer advertisers the best possible products.

Optimized Audience Address by Excluded Targeting Criteria

ADvendio makes it easy to handle various targeting requests for the different media campaigns from your clients by offering easy-to-control and customizable targeting criteria and combination options. Not only can you add criteria to a campaign item directly in ADvendio, but you can also exclude certain criteria using the enhanced selection tree for Google Ad Manager and FreeWheel. All choices are directly visible in the media configuration, so changes can be easily tracked.

For an efficient combination, you don’t have to decide whether to include or exclude criteria, but you can use both at the same time as long as it makes sense to define it even more detail. For example, you can now include one country but exclude different regions that do not have the right target groups. This provides you with the flexibility to customize your targeting criteria and address the different target groups perfectly with personalized ads.

To make your offer and invoices more transparent for your customers, included and excluded targeting criteria is visible on both quotes and invoice PDFs. This allows customers to see what criteria were used and where their ad was placed, providing them a holistic view of their media campaign and facilitates partnerships.

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