ADvendio’s Programmatic Advertising Solution Reduces Cost & Drives Revenue

5 min readSep 18, 2019

In essence, programmatic advertising is the automation of the traditionally manual process of buying digital media via manual insertion orders. The key impact of a switch to programmatic advertising is the improved efficiency of the ad sales process by leveraging third-party systems such as demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs) and Ad Exchanges.

Programmatic advertising technology removes the possibility of human error and ensures accuracy while reducing overall costs, thanks to automated data pathways between ad servers, ad exchanges, and your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Engaging in this automated, data-driven purchasing process opens up a whole new world of seamless data availability for your CRM system and your company as a whole. However, without aligning your CRM to process this data based on the products and prices that are unique to your company, the opportunity offered by this valuable data is lost. This can leave you with huge amounts of data from all of your third-party partners which is hugely valuable but requires time-consuming manual analysis, to transform into actionable intelligence.

Frequent Programmatic Advertising Industry Issues

The key issue is the enormous amount of data generated on a daily basis with programmatic advertising. Advertisers & publishers engage with a number of ad servers and exchanges as well as other supply-side platforms daily in order to maximize revenue and ensure client satisfaction. However, studies have shown that publishers in the US, as of June 2018, use an average of 5.7 ad networks, exchanges, and supply-side platforms for their sales activities. This number is down from 7.5 vendors in June 2016 however the amount of data associated with this has dramatically increased within that period.

Without an integrated platform between your Order Management System (OMS) and your exchanges, this can be a painstaking manual process of double and triple entry for each individual integrated exchange that you work with. This disconnected approach makes it extremely difficult to get a straightforward understanding of how your ad products are performing, particularly in comparison to other channels and product types.

For instance, without collecting data on your sold ad products such as ad type and the final sale price you are missing out on an opportunity to build a clear understanding of your customer’s buying preferences. Historical ad type and pricing data help you to build an understanding of the current market demand and market price which can then be used to inform future sales strategies and targets.

Leverage Programmatic Data to Addresses Your Business Needs

With a fully integrated CRM system, your data becomes a valuable business resource for historical analysis, and progress tracking across all functions and levels. Key questions posed to ad ops teams can be effectively addressed, for example, how does revenue from programmatic channels compare to your directly sold ad inventory, or which products are performing better on certain channels?

As mentioned, this data is not only beneficial to ad ops but also in terms of general sales pipeline management by tracking sales reps programmatic revenue and gathering this information for relating to their monthly/annual goals. With a link between your product data and each programmatic ad exchange you utilize, all these questions, and more can be quickly and easily answered by comparing the data which is freely available from within your CRM. This information can then be used to inform business decisions across the entire business.

A unified approach to programmatic advertising sales incorporating integration between key ad exchanges and your CRM also affords the benefit of guaranteed revenue recognition accuracy. With seamless integrations between ADvendio’s Accounting Interface and leading accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks, Sage, Navision, and Xero you can guarantee one flowing process from order management through accounting to the preparation of annual financial statements.

Programmatic advertising also affords publishers and media companies the opportunity to meet customers’ needs for highly targeted and personalized content. This is a much more difficult task with traditional, direct advertising which is much more cumbersome to replace or optimize once your campaign or advertisement is activated. Programmatic advertising offers you the opportunity to identify, through analysis of big data, how your customers like to be targeted. For example, effective ads will show the best times to reach customers, on the device they prefer most. By tracking ad performance and adjusting your activities to appeal to varying consumer behavior and preferences and enhance the effectiveness of your programmatic advertising activities.

Benefits of Adopting a Programmatic Advertising Solution

However now with ADvendio, you can push programmatic guaranteed deals directly from our solution into integrated SSPs which in turn can be reached by SSPs & DSPs where they are converted from proposals into confirmed deals. Programmatic Guaranteed deals involve you and the intended buyer of any given advertisement agreeing upon a set price and terms for the inventory that is reserved (guaranteed) for that buyer, the sale of this inventory is then designated for only that buyer, at the agreed price. Pushing programmatic deals directly from ADvendio affords you the opportunity to increase your operational efficiency while yet guaranteeing accuracy by automating your digital ad sales process.

The benefit of this interconnected holistic approach is the 360-degree data flow from ad placement through to customer invoice by distributing programmatic revenue to integrated external accounting systems. ADvendio enables the importation, grouping & aggregation of data from exchanges and SSPs to guarantee you accurate, real-time data on your digital ad sales. Having this data readily available allows you to track and measure the success of your sales revenue for each of your respective channels to optimize your sales process and inform strategic business decisions. For example, customer buying habits can be ascertained from analyzing data compared over time to provide publishers and advertisers with actionable insight which is an invaluable boost to strategic planning.

Maximize Your Programmatic Ad Revenue with ADvendio

Programmatic advertising has many clear benefits in terms of process efficiency, reduction of repetitive manual tasks and data handling errors. However, the real key to making the most of your programmatic ad sales is to capture, organize and manage the data flows associated with programmatic advertising to better help your business understand its historical sales patterns, and better informing future activities. This is only possible by utilizing key integrations to ensure you have a fully holistic ad revenue management solution from proposal to invoice.

ADvendio’s latest programmatic enhancement is an extension of the ADvendio core package that enables the import of key advertising data from Exchanges and SSP. It is clear to see how important this data can become under the right circumstances to analyze revenue, satisfy evolving customer needs and inform strategic business decisions with actionable, relevant data.

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