Automate Complex Campaign Pricing Calculation with ADvendio’s Dynamic Pricing

3 min readNov 28, 2019


Creating media campaigns can be a manual, time-consuming task, due to the unique criteria that must be defined to meet the specific needs of your clients, while also ensuring that your inventory does not sell below its value in order to maximize your advertising revenue. In particular, the correct pricing of your single items can be a time-consuming process in which there is no room for error. ADvendio’s dynamic pricing feature allows you to meet this challenge and create simple and transparent pricing directly in the media configuration by using standardized rules.

Transparent Pricing Rules for Campaign & Inventory Optimization

Setting up media campaigns containing multiple campaign elements including varying formats, ad types, time periods and channels can be highly complex. In addition to the wealth of information and criteria that must be agreed and clarified with the customer, it can be very tricky to find the right pricing for the individual items, as various surcharges or discounts need to be taken into account depending on factors such as seasonality or advertising channel in use. This makes the entire process slow, intransparent and error-prone and often leads to the inventory being sold below its value, frustrating both you and your clients.

With ADvendio’s dynamic pricing, you can now not only arrange and apply pricing rules but also configure them directly in the media configuration section in a few simple clicks. Any surcharges or discounts applied to individual items based on a seasonal index, targeting criteria, or frequency capping are adopted directly and ADvendio’s media configuration automatically displays the correct amount for each item.

Increased Dynamic Pricing Automation for Streamlined Advertising Sales

The dynamic pricing feature makes it possible to handle highly complex customer requirements with ease by applying multiple rules simultaneously and automatically calculating the average of the rules to ensure a consistent configuration. Pricing rules can also be grouped. If multiple rules from the same group are applicable to a media campaign you can individually configure based on whether the minimum or the maximum rule should be used. In addition, the ability to automatically apply pricing rules facilitates media inventory management and reduces errors by ensuring that all rules are set correctly and applied consistently to the correct campaign items.

With the next ADvendio release, 2.119, we will further extend this powerful tool by allowing you to create custom matching criteria for pricing rules. This will give you the flexibility to customize pricing rules according to any criteria in order to better meet your specific business needs.

All-in-all, this feature creates a high level of transparency and allows you to see which rules have been applied and the true value of your campaign items, enabling you to manage deals without exceeding your customer’s budget. Ultimately it will ensure that you can sell your ad inventory at the highest possible value to maximize your advertising revenue.

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