Classifieds Industry Customer Summit

3 min readOct 13, 2023

We were pleased to organize an online customer summit event for our Classifieds Industry customers, which took place on Wednesday, October 11th. The primary objective of this event was to facilitate a forum for like-minded individuals and companies to exchange insights and engage in meaningful discussions pertaining to the Classifieds industry.

During this summit, our ADvendio team members, Julian Ahrends, VP of Business Development, Liga Bandere, Head of Product, Myriam Hirt, Head of Customer Success, and Jorge Barrionuevo, Customer Success Specialist, had the privilege of participating alongside our valued customers. Liga and Julian both delivered informative presentations that delved into the future of our finance feature, ADvendio’s media buying, and how it benefits classified advertisers and Cookie Deprecation Trends.

The summit generated thought-provoking discussions and valuable insights, highlighting several key takeaways:

  • Diverse Utilization of ADvendio Solutions: Customers shared how they utilize ADvendio’s solution, booking calendars, inventory availability checks, integrations with platforms like GAM and Pinterest, enhanced visibility in reporting, improved revenue management, and campaign building. Some noted increased efficiency and enhanced team coordination thanks to ADvendio’s solution.
  • Upcoming Finance Feature Update: Early in 2024, ADvendio plans to update its finance feature to enhance invoicing and optimization.
  • Media Buying Advantages for Classified Advertisers: Julian emphasized the benefits of ADvendio’s media buying, such as extending reach and audience, exploring new revenue streams, and integrating with social channels and leading DSPs. ADvendio continues to expand its integrations.
  • Cookie Deprecation Trends: Julian also discussed the trends in cookie deprecation, drawing on research conducted by ADvendio after attending various related events. He stressed the continued importance of contextual advertising and the need for ID solutions. The summit explored the potential for automation in data clean rooms, with ADvendio expressing its commitment to supporting this trend and reducing manual work.
  • First-Party Data as a Solution: During an open discussion, customers emphasized that first-party data is currently the best solution to tackle cookie deprecation. They are in an exploratory phase, trying to identify unique identifiers.
  • The exchange of questions and recommendations among customers highlighted the value of networking opportunities facilitated by ADvendio, allowing similar companies to connect, build relationships, and learn from each other offline.

Overall, the summit served as a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge sharing, showcasing the importance of ADvendio’s solutions in the ever-evolving advertising landscape.

Thank you to our customers who engaged in this summit. Your participation enriched the event, and we appreciate your willingness to contribute your valuable insights and perspectives regarding the industry.

If you are part of the classifieds industry and were unable to attend this session, rest assured that we will be organizing another one in the near future. For our valued customers in other industries, stay tuned for updates on our upcoming summits, as we are committed to arranging similar events tailored to your specific industry needs in due course.




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