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5 min readJan 12, 2023

The media industry is always in a state of flux, and this is especially true when it comes to technology and third-party connections. Now that digital strategies are more important than ever, understanding the changing landscape can be key to staying ahead of the competition and maximizing advertising revenue.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, synchronized and reliable data, in addition to accessible and customizable reporting, become key components in the media business, where multiple platforms constantly interact with each other and programmatic auctions and audience data are increasingly complex and difficult to store.

As a result, media companies are challenged to innovate their processes to stay relevant to new audiences and monetize impressions. With this in mind, ADvendio offers a variety of reporting integrations to support your business, from programmatic integrations, which streamline your revenue reporting across multiple supply-side platforms and exchanges; to third-party reporting capabilities that support publishers, advertisers and agencies to effectively reconcile data through the right metrics; all the way to world-class analytic features to simplify advertising revenue insights and make accurate data-driven decisions.

In this article, we’ll run through some of the most important connections for reporting included in the ADvendio ONE solution. For more information on what other integrations we are compatible with check out this page.

Google Ad Manager

With our seamless integration to Google Ad Manager, y you can holistically manage your direct and programmatic sales campaigns while extracting actionable insights from this with data-driven analysis.

Supply Side Platform (SSP). This functionality allows you to automatically import your programmatic revenue streams and match them with your ADvendio advertisers and inventory.

Combining this sales data with the commercial data that is already stored within your ADvendio system empowers you to understand your unique sales process in detail, helping you make data-driven decisions to future-proof your business.

Xandr Monetize (SSP)

Through our integration to Xandr, Monetize SSP, ADvendio users benefit from a clear, real-time view of inventory available directly from the ADvendio platform, access to a transparent auction process, and hundreds of DSPs equating to thousands of advertisers and agencies within one platform. Our programmatic reporting capabilities for Xandr also help you track the massive amount of data and easily compare who bought what inventory in which programmatic channel.

In addition, our programmatic reporting capabilities for Xandr also help you keep track of vast amounts of data and easily compare who bought what inventory in which programmatic channel. This automated, consistent and secure data flow between systems allows you to manage your entire ad sales process seamlessly and provides publishers with forecasting capabilities that maximize monetization through optimized ad inventory management.

Burt Analytics

Burt Analytics platform provides Sales Intelligence to the advertising industry by acting as a single point of contact for leading publishers around the world to discover, analyze, and share their advertising data. Burt’s solutions are used by sales, operations, and programmatic professionals to increase revenue, reduce customer churn, and optimize yield.

With the Burt integration, you can sync only the most important data with ADvendio. This data can then be used to streamline and automate manual processes, as well as to improve your current workflows.

You can benefit from this integration, for example, to manage all your programmatic revenue data from many different bidding platforms (SSPs), exchanging revenue and bringing it directly into ADvendio.


Adform is an open full-stack advertising technology provider automating digital advertising technology for publishers as well as advertisers and agencies by offering an ad server, data management platform, supply-side platform (SSP), and demand-side platform (DSP).

The combination of ADvendio with Adform’s supply-side platform ensures that publishers manage and sell their ad inventory across all channels optimizing the value for each impression by controlling exactly who can bid on the inventory.

With Adform’s SSP, ADvendio users can leverage data allocation and the powerful analysis and reporting tools of both systems to bring direct and programmatically sold advertising to the competition, gain insight into revenue sources and benefit from actionable insights.

Magnite (Previously Rubicon)

Magnite is an SSP that enables publishers to manage and automate direct and programmatic advertising business across all channels, platforms, devices, and formats using sophisticated real-time bidding (RTB) technologies.

Through this connection, ADvendio users can see what their customers are doing with their inventory, analyze the revenue sources of their programmatically sold inventory, and compare it to the directly sold equivalent for channel evaluation and optimization.

The combination of Magnite and ADvendio provides publishers with an advertising environment with a 360° sales overview and in-depth analysis that provides transparency, visibility, and the ability to maximize the yield from the advertising inventory.


Yieldlab is a leading supply-side platform (SSP) that enables publishers to optimize advertising revenue and effectively manage their entire omnichannel ad inventory. Using this connection, ADvendio customers can benefit from seamless and highly secure processes and data flows with maximum transparency and control opportunities across all advertising clients, channels, campaigns, and inventories, strengthening agency-client relationships.

Yieldlab’s integration with ADvendio also enables users to more effectively manage and enforce programmatic advertising capabilities through automated, real-time selling and buying processes. In addition, users can also take advantage of a comprehensive overview of their media business that allows them to compare their programmatic profit figures with existing data gathered from previous ADvendio campaigns.


Moat is a third-party reporting and ad discrepancy management tool for digital publishers, ad agencies, ad networks, and ad tech platforms that offers automated reconciliation and aggregate reporting for the digital advertising industry.

The ADvendio-Moat Analytics integration gives users the ability to import third-party data on all line items measured by Moat, for all ADvendio-supported servers. This data can be connected seamlessly, and automatically transferred with your regular delivery reports. Access to this data within ADvendio gives customers the opportunity to easily compare and analyze channel metrics as well as set up automated accurate invoicing removing the need for reconciliation, saving you time and preventing wasted time in manual double-entry.


To ensure that we are able to integrate with more exchanges and servers that our customers require connection to, our ADvendio Product and Development team strives to innovate and further improve our solution. Visit our posts on our most popular and digital advertising connections, our latest article on our integrations for media buying & selling, or our connections webpage if you’d like to learn more about the additional connections offered by the ADvendio ONE solution.

Whether you need a certain DSP, SSP, ad exchange, or ERP system integration, feel free to speak to a member of our team to see if it is on our current roadmap or if a custom-built integration is possible.




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