Crossplan Enhance Their Ad Management with ADvendio’s Self-Service Capabilities

3 min readNov 5, 2020

Crossplan Deutschland is a Digital Data and Online Audio Technology Company operating in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2018, it was set-up as a joint venture by three major German radio networks, who now currently manage 45 German radio stations while representing 500+ online audio products. Beside audio data and user privacy, Crossplan is also responsible for a variety of sales related operations including yield, campaign and inventory management for a number of publishing sales houses.

Wanting to improve their fragmented order streams from multiple systems with a platform that could manage all of their digital inventory, Crossplan successfully implemented the ADvendio software. This allowed Crossplan to streamline their advertising sales management processes to ensure collaboration and efficiency across ad sales and operations.

Crossplan Conduct a Digital transformation in Their Advertising Operations

With Crossplan working closely with regional sales units all over Germany, managing thousands of yearly campaigns and dealing with 150+ sales reps on a day-to-day basis, this is obviously a challenge in itself.
In addition, a key requirement for Crossplan was the need for a self-booking portal in order for them to drive efficiency and serve more clients while significantly reducing their operational costs.

According to Frank Plähn, Director of Data Monetization at Crossplan “with the strong increase in demand, launching the Crossplan Booking Portal enabled by ADvendio was the right step for Crossplan which came at the best possible point in time.”

ADvendio will connect Crossplan’s full digital process with features such as ad server connections with Adswizz, rate manager, automated billing runs, availability forecasts as well as invoicing, reporting and analytics tools along with a customized booking portal. These automated processes and enhanced data flow will consolidate Crossplan’s digital advertising operations, improving collaboration and efficiency across ad sales, operations, and their accounting team.

A Collaborative Effort Results in a Successful Implementation

The team of professionals from ADvendio and Crossplan working on the implementation process are pleased with the results.Jannis Skipis, Senior Technical Account Manager at ADvendio, is delighted with the results and appreciates Crossplans’s complete collaboration in completing a successful implementation. “The efficient and professional approach from Crossplan and their professional team of specialists made it possible to implement ADvendio as their digital sales system smoothly. Crossplan implemented ADvendio for their digital requirements and now currently use the entire ADvendio package from account management, quote and order management, invoicing and accounting to self-service. The seamless and fluid migration of their digital sales core system highlights the diversity of ADvendio’s features.”

Frank Plähn, Director Data Monetization at Crossplan is pleased with the results “the Crossplan Booking Portal gives us the chance to efficiently and sustainably scale our campaigning business and facilitate the perfect groundwork for further growth by replacing email communication and automating booking and clearing processes. Furthermore, we are using the ADvendio platform to organize our internal workflows, prioritize campaigns and assure premium service quality. Providing manifold customization possibilities and extensive communication features like Salesforce Chatter guarantees a very convenient and self-explanatory booking journey for sales reps. Having all campaign data available within the portal for smooth and almost seamless clearing is definitely yet another huge plus which we are eager to continue to take full advantage of.”

He also adds “ we at Crossplan greatly appreciate the outstanding ADvendio service and customer care throughout the entire implementation process especially during the ramp-up process and launch phase”.

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