Discover ADvendio’s New Media Integration API

3 min readMay 15, 2023


In the digital advertising industry, managing different systems and platforms can be a daunting task for publishers, advertisers, and agencies. With more publishers offering audience extension and media buying, it is essential to streamline data coming in from various technical platforms such as AdServers, DSPs, SSPs, and social media, to ensure campaign success.

At ADvendio, we understand the need for an integrated solution that provides an end-to-end process, including advertisement bookings, media buying, unified reporting, and automatic invoicing and accounting. We offer a strong set of out-of-the-box integrations and allow different teams to collaborate on our platform, while still maintaining what needs to be done in individual external systems.

*ADvendio supports a variety of native third-party integrations.

Standardized Media API for seamless connections

To make our integrations more flexible and stable, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Media Integration API, a standardized API that supports your media business with key features, including pushing campaign data to booking platforms, using your media buying budget plans to submit booking data, automatic reporting on KPI and media cost, and on-the-fly availability checks.

*One of the features supported by our API is the ability to perform availability checks in real time.

Build custom integrations with ADvendio

Thanks to this release, customers can create seamless custom integrations that fit perfectly into the ADvendio experience. Users can enjoy the same buttons and processes, with the API sending standardized requests to a custom integration web service created by you. This service handles all direct communication with third-party platforms and provides our services with the necessary responses.

At ADvendio, we are committed to providing the integrations you need to keep up with the ever-changing media business. Our ongoing improvements to our architecture and new API will help us achieve this goal.

Why do you need the new media integration API

With our new API, customers can enjoy greater flexibility and autonomy in creating their own integrations. Our API services offer more than just seamless connections, security, and the convenience of our structure and data model — they also handle the entire communication with Salesforce. Rather than having to start from scratch, customers can take advantage of our years of experience to achieve smooth communication with third-party platforms. By utilizing our API services, customers can seamlessly integrate their business needs with ADvendio and streamline their workflow for maximum efficiency.

Future development roadmap

Our dedication to ongoing improvement means we are extending our API until the end of the year. Our future development roadmap includes enhancing communication between ADvendio and third-party media platforms, improving the creation of custom integrations, providing clearer error handling, and offering more customization options for our pre-supported ADvendio integrations. We will keep you updated on our development roadmap as we continue to innovate and improve our solutions to keep up with the dynamic demands of the media industry.

How to get started

Our Media Integration API is available to all customers as part of ADvendio version 2.165 and up. To learn more about how this new feature can improve your advertising and campaign management, visit our knowledge base for a detailed overview or reach out to our support team for personalized assistance. Let ADvendio help you streamline your media business processes today.




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