Effectively Manage Orders with ADvendio’s New Pagination in Media Configuration

2 min readSep 16, 2019

The media configuration tool allows you to quickly and easily, manage and update, all of the information related to your campaign items. Often, advertisers and publishers need to work alongside clients with huge numbers of product lines, this means having multiple media campaigns per client, which can lead to a daunting number of campaign items. The challenge of working with such a large amount of campaign items that all require editing is that the chances of making a mistake increase considerably which can ultimately slow down your sales process.

Manage Your Campaign Items in One View

ADvendio now comes with the ability to manage the way in which media campaigns containing multiple items are displayed in your Media Configuration section. Whether for you wish to manage direct insertion orders or your programmatic deals, thanks to the improved pagination in Media Configuration it is possible to navigate, view and edit as many campaign items at once as you require. Alternatively, if you would prefer to work with a smaller, concentrated list view of campaign items to limit the number of items shown, the new pagination also gives you this option. This means that you are capable of quickly specifying selected ad products in order to meet customer requests optimally.

ADvendio’s Updated Pagination of Media Configuration

Guarantee Accuracy and Efficiency

Where in the past, trying to edit larger orders led to errors, we can now offer you more freedom and flexibility to make mass changes in confidence or examine a couple of specific items in much greater detail at once. While you are editing, an autosave feature has been implemented during page switching to ensure no data is lost while you are updating campaign items. To further mitigate the risk of simple errors we ensure that all campaign items which make up a particular package must all shown on a single page. This is even true if packages contain a larger number of components than allowed to be shown on a single page. All of this means that the latest pagination enhancements in Media Configuration will ensure your sales reps can quickly and efficiently deal with large orders while simultaneously reducing the possibility of data input mistakes.

Originally published at www.advendio.com on August 17, 2019.




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