Ensure Accurate Digital Buying & Selling With Our Enhanced Media Search

3 min readJul 6, 2020


Whether you’re buying or selling advertising, knowing what’s available to you at the touch of a button is key to executing effective campaigns and maximizing revenue. Without having accurate information on product availability publishers cannot sell their inventory effectively, and marketers may be frustrated when the inventory they believe to have booked turns out to not be available for their campaign.

Easily Secure Cross-media Inventory With Our Powerful Media Search

ADvendio’s Media Search feature is used to find the inventory that you need for your campaigns with customizable search fields for a fully optimized search experience. This powerful search tool allows you to look for all relevant products, sites & placements available to you which can then be added to your basket to quickly proceed with your booking. The Media Search feature will identify all available inventory across print, streaming, out of home (OOH) and digital media. Until now the availability check for inventory found via Media Search was limited to only print and OOH inventory, however, with our latest release, we have now made this available for all digital media also.

With our latest enhancements, the check availability function has been added for digital media so that users can not only find the digital products they need but also instantly tell if they are available for the campaign in question. Results shown in the media search are based on filter criteria including time, type, etc. For campaigns with a related rate card, these options will be automatically populated based on the rate card information. Beginning with our 2.127 release, it is now also possible when carrying out availability checks to only show available inventory in your results and unavailable products will not be displayed. Once you are happy with your selections you can simply add them to your cart and proceed to book.

The Media Search availability check is accessible when creating new campaigns from your Media Campaign Manager when searching for inventory from the Booking Calendar and while making campaign adjustments from within the Commercial Optimizer to ensure all users can effectively manage inventory where they need it most.

Reduce Costs & Save Time With On-demand Digital Media Availability

By adding the availability check function to digital media within the media search we aim to make the management of digital media for publishers and advertisers more intuitive and streamlined by providing relevant inventory availability information where it is needed most. This helps to avoid costly mistakes such as overbooking inventory or confirming campaigns with inventory that is not actually available. This means that publishers can ensure their inventory is being sold optimally and advertisers are always given accurate information to assist them in making quicker decisions.

For more information on the media search, check availability options, and more check out the ADvendio wiki for the latest information and walkthrough guides on how to use each of these features and more.

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