Fernanda Goite Joins the Global Sales Operations Team

3 min readJan 12, 2023

Fernanda Goite joins the ADvendio global sales operations team as a Sales Development Representative where she will be working closely with our global sales team.

Fernanda graduated with an undergraduate degree in Switzerland majoring in Environmental Sciences followed by a master’s degree in Environmental Management in Panama. Since then, she has gained over three years of experience in sales and business development.

Recently we caught up with Fernanda to learn more about her professional background and her expectations for her new role with ADvendio.

1. Tell us about your background

I have a very diverse and broad background. I am originally from Venezuela, where life has taken me all over the world. I studied my undergraduate in Switzerland majoring in Environmental Sciences with minors in Italian Studies and Studio Art. I then moved to Panama to study for a Master’s in Environmental Management and be closer to my family who was living both in Venezuela and Panama. It was from there that I moved to beautiful Chile, which has been my home for the last three years. I also have a postgraduate in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Sciences that I had the pleasure of completing in Canada. Needless to say, I enjoy learning quite a lot!

I have experience working as a Lab Analyst in an environmental laboratory. However, it was here that I learned I needed a job that gave me the opportunity to work more collaboratively with a great team and interact with people on a daily basis, which is where I discovered my passion for Sales. Since then I have over three years of experience in different roles within the sales world, from working in retail for a well-known jewelry brand to working as a brand and business developer for mass-consumption products for LatAm.

Apart from that, I really enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, and of course with my dog Milo.

2. Do you speak any additional languages?

I have had the pleasure to learn several languages, I am proficient in English and Italian as well as fluent in my native language Spanish. I used to have an advanced level of French, but sadly I have forgotten and lost the comfort in speaking it, you know what they say, ¨if you don’t use it, you lose it.¨

3. What’s your job title and the regions you’re focused on?

I am starting at ADvendio as an inbound sales development representative for all regions, so I will be managing and assigning all the upcoming leads to the appropriate person from the global sales team.

4. Why are you interested in Sales Development?

I am very interested in being able to nurture all the new opportunities for the sales team and learn everything about the SaaS world. Being a sales developer is certainly an amazing place to understand the whole sales cycle from the first interaction.

5. How do you think your previous experience has prepared you for your role with ADvendio?

I am certain that my previous experiences in both work and study have given me the right tools and prepared me for my current role and my future career in ADvendio. I am highly motivated and thrive in international settings which is a big part of being at ADvendio. I have also become a great and patient communicator, which is key to working in Sales.

6. What expectations do you have for this new role in ADvendio?

I hope (and I am already sure this is the case) that ADvendio will give me the opportunity to learn and grow, allowing me to be a successful Sales Developer. I hope to be a great addition and asset to the company, assisting the global sales team and anyone within the company so that I can be of service.

It was great to chat with Fernanda about her career journey to date and to learn more about her experiences working in sales and business development. Fernanda is looking forward to contributing to ADvendio and aiding the growth of the company. We are looking forward to seeing Fernanda develop in her new role with ADvendio in the coming months.




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