Full Process Advertising Platform for Connected TV (CTV)

5 min readMar 1, 2021

Connected TV is a rapidly growing advertising channel across the globe, which is being intensified due to the growing number of people streaming content at home during the current global pandemic. This has also accelerated the discovery and use of free TV and streaming services which are supported by mandatory ads, commonly known as ‘FAST’ or ‘AVoD’ contributing to huge traffic boosts for publishers in the space. In the US alone the average home now owns 11 connected devices. More than 40 percent of consumers use connected TV (CTV) devices to stream content daily, with 77% of households are considered to be ‘CTV households’. Similarly, promising trends can be seen across Europe also with the number of CTV users in Germany is expected to grow to 52.3 million by 2024.

CTV also has the potential to be a hugely measurable and addressable channel for advertisers. Moving away from the broad reach approach TV has been known for and evolving this into a more personalized and data-driven strategy.

For example, when a viewer tunes into a clip, show, or live stream on a CTV device, they are actively seeking out a specific series or network rather than selecting the most suitable from a limited list of content available at that moment in time. This increased engagement with the specific content being shown means that viewers tend to engage better with this content and the ads that come with it. Research shows that CTV viewers generally complete 97% of all premium video ads. Combine this with a clear shift in viewership from linear television to connected TV and the future of this channel as an advertising tool is bright.

Clever publishers will identify the opportunity that is there in terms of monetizing connected TV inventory but may be lost as to how to create or make this type of inventory available to customers. Below we will give an overview of some of the key features that make ADvendio the perfect solution for full process CTV ad sales across Streaming media, Internet Protocol television (IPTV), and Live Streaming:

Pre-define CTV Inventory Products & Price Lists

Drastically increase the organization and accessibility of your TV inventory products with predefined product lists and rate cards. Pre-defined inventory structures and price lists allow your sales reps to include CTV inventory in advertisers’ planned campaigns in just a few simple clicks. Saving your sales reps time on generating offers for customers as well as reducing errors and preventing overbooked inventory. Whether it is Streaming media, IPTV, or Live Streaming content you would like to sell.

Due to the interactive nature of connected TV platforms, getting optimal value out of your CTV inventory sales requires flexibility. A number of factors can affect the value of your inventory including current affairs, viewership spikes, and relevance of available content. With our comprehensive dynamic pricing capabilities, ADvendio can help you to ensure you get the best value from your inventory at all times.

Comprehensive Sales Tools

With your inventory bundles and product pricing information effectively structured and automated, making CTV sales is simple and straightforward. Your sales teams can spend more time building strong relationships than searching for products and building proposals. Inventory availability can be managed and updated in real-time and proposal templates can be created to make packaging deals for customers quick and easy.

Advertisers often have complex requirements for their campaigns, spanning across multiple channels, both digital and linear. ADvendio’s complete omnichannel platform also allows you to bundle any combination of streaming, digital, print, and OOH inventory to satisfy the most complex of customer requirements in one deal from the same platform.

Automated Integrations to Streamline Delivery

Delivering quality CTV, IPTV or Streaming viewing experiences involves integrating multiple device endpoints with unique specifications and ensuring that a variety of delivery systems effectively communicate with each other. With any new revenue channel the complexity of adding multiple systems and technologies, in this case, ad servers and exchanges to monetize video inventory, can be a roadblock to capturing potential income.

ADvendio offers direct integrations out-of-the-box to leading SSPs and exchanges including Google Ad Manager, Freewheel, and more. This reduces the time your ad ops teams spend managing information between multiple disconnected systems and spreadsheets as well as creating a single source of truth for all your key advertising data and activities. ADvendio also meets Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) industry standards to ensure that you can make the most of your TV inventory whether online or offline. This helps our customers to get started earning revenue from video inventory quickly and effectively. With ADvendio your ad ops teams can push confirmed deals directly to integrated servers and exchanges as well as pulling data actuals back from servers and exchanges for accurate campaign measurement, and effective campaign optimization.

Campaign Performance Info On-demand

Measuring and subsequently optimizing the performance of converged campaigns that include CTV inventory is typically a highly manual and frustrating task for ad ops teams. This requires consolidating delivery reports from a number of external systems This data must then be manually analyzed and prepared before being presented to the customer or before any adjustments to live campaigns can be actioned.

ADvendio simplifies campaign measurement by automating the collection of delivery data from multiple connected ad servers and exchanges. All data is normalized to match the data structures existing within your system, and presented in a single location, saving your ad ops teams from hours of manual data collection and organization. These automated data synchronization schedules, combined with intelligent internal workflows allow your ad ops team to have everything they require to evaluate campaign performance and optimize live campaigns with ease. Allowing them to focus their time on key added-value tasks such as analysis and optimization.

Flexible Billing & Invoicing

Invoicing connected TV inventory can be made simple by connecting the right data sources and leveraging automation to speed up manual stages of the process. With ADvendio, inventory data actuals are pulled directly from connected SPPs and exchanges back to ADvendio for accurate, automated, flexible invoicing. Innovative tools such as our invoice wizard make billing multiple line items across numerous channels accurate and timely, including historical search to ensure that all invoices are readily available on-demand.

ADvendio’s Connected TV Advertising Platform

Publishers and broadcasters can quickly get set up to sell linear & digital tv inventory with ADvendio. Our solutions allow publishers to create the processes and workflows that make managing connected TV inventory easy with intelligent automation to speed up all aspects of CTV ad sales. The nature of ADvendio’s omnichannel solution allows you to effectively manage your linear and digital inventory holistically for efficient omnichannel inventory bundling, optimization, measurement, and billing. This combined with ADvendio meeting Hybrid broadcast broadband TV standards (HBBTV) means that you will have a comprehensive solution for offering linear and digital TV inventory as part of your customers’ campaigns. For more information on how ADvendio can address your connected TV needs or set up a short demo please contact our sales team.

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