How Leading Media Companies Consolidate Their Digital Ad Sales

1. The New York Times: Align Direct and Programmatic Sales

  • Address advertiser complaints related to multiple sales representatives
  • Simultaneously increase responsibility
  • Gather cross-departmental knowledge for sales team members

2. Aller Media: Integrate Customer Relationships with Your CRM

  • Improve sales efficiencies across the entire Nordic region and multiple business units
  • Save time in handling customer interactions, including sales, quoting, booking, and ad material placement
  • Reduce operational redundancies

3. Business Insider: Unify Programmatic Technology and Align International Ad Operations

  • Q3 2018 programmatic revenue grew 112% year on year
  • Programmatic revenue now comprises over one-third of overall revenue

4. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Let the Data Speak For Itself

5. Volta Charging: Diversified Revenue Streams

Digital Ad Sales: Putting It All Together



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