OOH & DOOH Advertising Industry Outlook for 2021

What Is OOH Advertising?

OOH in the Wake of COVID-19

The Challenges Facing OOH Advertising

  • Geography-Based Business: OOH advertising is very geography-driven, with products and services showing up on bus benches and car tops relating specifically to local opportunities. This requires vendors to improve their charting technology in order to ensure advertising reflects real-time availability. A special or sale that has ended, for example, is a bad way to boost business. This leads to management and optimization challenges, something facing as many as 36% of advertisers.
  • Inflexible Media Opportunities: Many OOH contracts are for a fixed period, generally around four weeks, particularly for static units. With a posting period lasting just a few days and production costs that are sometimes included in a media budget, advertisers are relatively locked into their choice of advertisement — even if needs should change. High costs are an issue here, too; around half of advertisers report costs putting up barriers in advertising through this kind of channel.
  • Partnership Problems: The pool of OOH possibilities can be quite small in some regions, leaving advertisers to choose from a limited supply of opportunities. This can create all kinds of logistical hurdles; 44% say they struggle to find the right partner to work with.
  • Unproven KPIs: KPIs drive the advertising market. Advertisers and platforms want to ensure they’re getting the most bang for their buck, so metrics like ROI are extremely important. However, some are concerned about unproven KPIs and limited analytics capabilities in regards to OOH options, leaving them wary about an increased investment.

Moving Forward with OOH and Programmatic DOOH Advertising

  • Determine analytic capabilities prior to choosing an OOH partner, including KPI relevance and accuracy
  • Research into programmatic opportunities to ensure ads are timely and relevant
  • Ensure allocation of marketing spend to OOH is adequate to meet all objectives
  • Determine strategies that aren’t time-sensitive or have the potential to deliver strong results through the entirety of a campaign



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