Print & Magazine Publishing: 5 Challenges for Cross-Media Ad Sales

  • Print circulation is decreasing, and this impacts ad revenues.
  • Print advertising dollars were a stalwart and reliable part of any publishers commercial revenue mix.
  • Print revenue decline has led publishers to identify and monetize new revenue channels and to pay serious attention to the profitability issues around digital.

2. Lack of Awareness by Sales Representatives and Operations Managers

  • Time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Siloed customer information
  • Outdated management systems
  • Using intermediaries to monetize inventory 29%
  • Articulating how various platforms can fulfill campaign and media objectives 25%
  • Using metrics and measurement sources to determine how to best execute a media strategy and evaluate performance 27%
  • Managing and clearing discrepancies 23%
  • Packaging and pricing ad inventory 20%

3. Multiple Touch-points with Print Media Sales Teams

  • Each sales representative manages elements of a campaign for the particular media channel for which they are responsible.
  • They are frustrated with their repetitive conversations with individual members of the sales team, which add little-perceived value.
  • Ad sales professionals are failing to make the most of a good CRM software to improve their communication.

4. Difficult to Understand Media Packages

  • A local independent store with a print-centric history of advertising spend will be unfamiliar with the terminology around the digital landscape. They may be skeptical about the value proposition for online elements of the package.
  • A digital-first online retailer is quite a different persona. They are struggling to see where the return in print advertising would come from. They often fail to recognize the evidence that they get more uptake in online transactions where pre-prints in newspapers or magazines promote their store-front.
  • Transparency: most advertisers want to see a single invoice reflecting the goods and services they purchased as part of your offer. Where the publisher lacks consolidated, omnichannel order management, billing, and invoicing system, even producing a single invoice can prove a challenge.
  • Flexibility: it is essential to be able to reflect the advertiser’s invoicing preferences and reduce the risk of invoice queries and delayed collections. Some advertisers prefer to see a consolidated invoice, while others want to look at all components of the package displayed on the invoice, for clarity.
  • Their outputs at best ambiguous and -at worst- so confusing the collection is stalled.
  • Too many customers receive invoices that describe:



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