Programmatic Advertising: 2020 Technology & Trends To Watch

Introduction of Programmatic Advertising on Wearable Devices

  • The digital interface on a smartwatch such as Apple, Fitbit, or Garmin enables the delivery of content & digital ads in a variety of formats.
  • Sensor technology which is integrated into the device can capture indicators of emotions, for example, heart rate, which in turn can provide a pathway for personalized advertisements based on sensual segmentation & targeting.
  • For brands, who find it hard to engage with a younger audience, advertising via wearable technology helps target this elusive 25–35 year-old segment, who represent 38% of the entire market.

Accelerated Programmatic DOOH Inventory Access

Voice-activated Advertising Growth

Increased OTT & Digital Audio Programmatic Advertising Streaming

What Lies Ahead for Programmatic Advertising in 2021?



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