Q&A: 201 Connected Media’s Wouter Hulst on the Future of Self-Service in the Media Industry

Wouter Hulst Media Expertise

What is Self-Service Advertising?

How would you define what a self-serve advertising platform is?

What is the difference between self-serve and programmatic advertising?

Why do you think there has been an increased demand for self-serve platforms in the advertising industry?

Are self-service platforms good for businesses of all sizes such as SMEs, B2B Enterprises, large corporations?

Benefits of Self-Service Platforms For The Media Industry

In your opinion, what are the main benefits of self-service for advertising clients?

What advice would you provide to media buyers looking to enable a self-serve advertising platform?

Are there any limitations of self-serve platforms for advertisers, publishers, or agencies?

What are the most important features or functionality that media advertisers should be looking for when choosing a self-service advertising portal?

  • Material management & uploads
  • Real-time performance insights
  • Streamlined communications between clients & advertising operations
  • Insights on to what service are available
  • Report & Dashboards of annual investments, invoices, and campaigns

The Future of Self-Serve Ad Platforms

What are your predictions for self-service advertising platforms in the media industry?



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