Q&A: Top Tips for Successful Digital Transformation with Incloud Business Solutions

We spoke with Craig Larson, Partner, and Senior Director of Client Solutions & Success at Incloud Business Solutions, an ADvendio partner, and specialists in digital transformation (DX). Craig spoke about his experience of digital transformation projects over the years, including common pitfalls, the most important aspects of any project, the effects of COVID-19, and most importantly, top tips for successfully undertaking any digital transformation project of your own.

How would you define digital transformation (DX)?

It depends on where we are coming from. What level of digital maturity is the organization at? In this case, the organization can be a department, a function, or even the role that a specific position plays within a process.

“Digital transformation” itself has transformed over the years. It used to mean simply getting out of paper, notebooks, and post-it notes into using technology to help capture this information.

Nowadays, this means how easily and effectively you are leveraging the data that you are capturing digitally to elevate the experience organizations are providing to their customers, employees, and partners seamlessly. Whether it be B2B, B2C, or B2B2C, when we talk about digital transformation, it focuses on what is now required to accelerate the ability to adjust to customers’ demands and expectations. How does a company tie in its interactions with customers, employees, and partners to transform the journey, across Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, HR, etc., and do it with a quick time to market with value?

What advice would you give to a business considering a digital transformation project?

Ensure leadership buy-in

Define the purpose

Remember data is the fuel

Customer journey mapping

Put the customers first. By looking at your processes through a customer lens, you will begin to clearly identify the internal impacts and requirements to support that experience. Once that journey is mapped out, then look at the technology available to support and allow your employees and partners to deliver the defined experience for your customers. All too often companies first choose the technology and then try to fit their process into it.

Don’t start with the technology

Don’t take adoption for granted

Think of digital transformation as an evolution

Some businesses have a bad habit of thinking that transformation is a “build it and they will come” solution, such as I will put chat on my website and it’s done, but it’s only the first step of the constant evolution. What are the next steps that you can take to add to the chat, maybe you can add AI to avoid having a support person interrogating to understand what each customer is looking for, their account number, where they’re located, who they need to be routed to in regards to customer service?

What are some of the common pitfalls for businesses attempting digital transformation?

Ignoring the end-users

Messy data

We often hear that in marketing, content is KING, but in DX, data is KING

You need to look at data as a prerequisite to a successful DX

Letting go of responsibilities

Going for the cheapest solution

Not having an internal transformation owner

How do you help clients who want to undertake digital transformation?

We help customers understand the WHY?

Helping them articulate a roadmap to be able to:

B- Work with the right technology partners that have proven success in the areas of DX. There is a lot out there, so our job is to help companies understand the value and the scalability of that transformation. There is never an end state.

Once we understand the purpose and do a high-level discovery of that purpose, then we facilitate the demonstration of how a DX will provide value. We try to help them visualize and to see a DX in action so it helps them accelerate the results so they can prove the continuity of that journey as opposed to waiting for months or years for that entire project to be completed and crossing your fingers and hoping that everything works. We help our customers through their DX by getting them from point A to point B. We want you to get there safely — so we’ll start you off on a tricycle, then move you up to a bicycle with training wheels, take off the training wheels, then get the car, the helicopter, and then the private jet.

It is a journey from point A to point B in terms of transforming the way you do business or the experience you provide to customers.

The 3 layers to focus on when trying to find an answer to support your WHY is the customer experience you wish to offer, the employee experience, and the technology to successfully support it all.

What is the most difficult aspect of digital transformation in your experience?

For example, if we can go from writing on paper, taking notes with a pen and paper, and taking notes on an iPad, that is a DX. The next step would be how to leverage those notes now so that they are digitized to help continue leveraging the information you captured — if you’re not going to use that information, why the notes in the first place?

DX means different things to different people — The difficult aspect of DX is getting an understanding of what that definition is for your company. Take for example, way back when, as we started to speak about ‘the Cloud’… What is the cloud? What is DX? Removing from paper and pen to a note application on an iPad, that’s one level of DX, but when you go in a structured data environment where you’re putting the notes in different blocks, that’s another level of DX. Then being able to use that data to spark other items is another level even higher of DX. Defining the level of DX is important to make sure everyone is talking the same language.

Can digital transformation be successful with a one size fits all strategy?

As no 2 people are alike, no 2 companies and no 2 business processes are necessary the same. There are common practices and best practices that can be recommended and applied that could be ‘cookie cutter’ in terms of the approach and methodology for quick wins and general process improvements. We can implement a standard methodology with a customized approach unique to the business challenges of the organization we are dealing with layered on top for best results.

Who should ideally be involved in a digital transformation project?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected digital transformation?

What differences have you noticed between the resilient businesses and the struggling ones during COVID-19?

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