Q&A: Working at ADvendio with HR’s Katy Volkwein

3 min readMar 31, 2021

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure your workplace is the right fit for you to feel comfortable and confident in your abilities. A business is nothing without its employees and the foundation of ADvendio’s success is empowered employees. We spoke with Katy Volkwein, HR Coordinator at ADvendio, to get her view of what it’s like to work at ADvendio, what keeps her motivated, and ADvendio’s plans for future team expansion.

What do you like the most about working with ADvendio?

It might sound cliché, but I’d have to say the people. I love working alongside such great and professional people, where everybody is very friendly and helpful to each other. You can really see the benefit of people working together effectively across each department in order to deliver a great product together. Also the work-life balance ADvendio offers staff means there is a lot of flexibility in terms of schedule, which also gives you a lot of autonomy when doing your job, which gives you a sense of accountability. ADvendio trusts in your capabilities and that makes you want to deliver.

What keeps you motivated?

Working with great people in a great culture, where you can see openness to innovative solutions and have the freedom to try new things. It motivates me that there is not much bureaucracy, where in order to get things off the ground you don’t need to get approval after approval. Simply, you propose something, discuss it with the relevant parties, if they agree it is done, if not, go back, revise and come again, which makes the work more efficient.

How has ADvendio managed the transition to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic?

That was an amazing thing that happened, which made me very proud to be part of this company, we didn’t have to do anything new! Nothing to adjust, to invest in, or adjust to etc. One day we were working at the office, the next day we were all working from home and delivering as usual. We were already practiced in the skills of working remotely due to the international nature of our teams and company, and I believe that not many companies could say that at that moment in time.

What are some of the ways the company celebrates success?

With verbal and written praises and recognition mostly, posts in the company’s internal communication groups. As we are spread across a number of timezones we cannot always participate in each and every event to recognize and celebrate milestones. Last year, when the ADvendio product celebrated 10 years of product excellence and growth, we held a “Digital Lunch meeting” which worked out very well and we celebrated together and shared some laughs despite being separated by continents.

How many people currently work for ADvendio and are there plans for expansion?

Currently, there are 45 employees working for ADvendio worldwide and there are big expansion plans already in the works. Due to the pandemic, many traditional businesses had to migrate to digital which made our business interesting to them and subsequently brought in new clients. In order to continue providing the highest standard of service to our customers, including the product capabilities and support they are used to and deserve, we decided we needed more employees. We are also in the early stages of launching an entirely new product which will add extra demand to our current structure. As of now, we have openings for Developers, Product Managers, Software Testers, and Consultants.

Lastly, in your opinion, why should somebody join ADvendio?

There are so many reasons, it’s a fast-paced growing company, with great people who are all very knowledgeable in their fields, from different nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures. We also work with top-of-the-range tools and technologies as reliability is a core principle within our business. ADvendio provides a very innovative solution to all kinds of business; our solution has become a necessity in today’s digital world and it’s definitely something that I love being a part of.

Originally published at www.advendio.com on March 23rd, 2021




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