Ryan Ormsby Joins the Global Sales Team

2 min readJul 11, 2022

Ryan Ormsby joins the ADvendio global sales team as a Senior Account Executive where he will be working closely with our EMEA sales team.

With over 8 years working in Sales, we are delighted to have Ryan join our team and bring his knowledge and experience to support ADvendio’s continued growth.

We caught up with Ryan to learn more about the journey that has brought him to his new role in ADvendio as a Senior Account Executive for EMEA.

Tell us about your background

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland, and have been here my whole life. When I’m not working, I enjoy all types of sports and I’m a big Liverpool supporter. When I can, I try to go to a couple of games a year.

What led you into a career in sales?

I was always interested in sales from a young age and found it a really interesting area where you can grow your career quickly. I believe it’s a role where the skills are transferable to any industry and any country, so it gives you the flexibility to base yourself anywhere in the world and that’s something that drew me into this career.

What do you enjoy most about working in sales?

I’m a people person and enjoy speaking to clients and getting to know them as I pitch products and solutions to them. I enjoy meeting a client and learning how their business operates in order to understand their needs and address how our solution can support them in overcoming their challenges.

How do you think your previous experience has prepared you for your role with ADvendio?

I have 8 years experience in sales to date and even though moving from my previous company to ADvendio is a change of industry I’m confident that I’ll be able to hit the ground running with my skills and experience to support me in my new role.

We are looking forward to supporting Ryan as he grows into his new role with ADvendio.

If you would like to reach out to Ryan, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.




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