Sales Assistant Solution to Simplify Media Campaign Management

3 min readSep 21, 2023

In today’s fast-paced market, customers are looking for easy-to-use interfaces even for complex tasks. The Sales Assistant meets this demand. Advertisers who need to manage cross-channel advertising campaigns can rely on the Sales Assistant as a helpful solution that simplifies the journey through the booking process. By combining a streamlined approach with user-friendly features, the Sales Assistant reshapes the landscape of multi-platform advertising campaigns.

The Sales Assistant Key Highlights

  • Tailored to Suit Your Needs: Customize the solution to match your unique requirements.
  • All-Inclusive Result List: Experience a holistic view that seamlessly integrates crucial campaign components.
  • Precision with Audience Matching: Achieve pinpoint accuracy in targeting through advanced audience matching capabilities.
  • Effortless Availability and Budget Insights: Gain swift access to availability and budget details, streamlining your decision-making process.
  • Insightful Dynamic Pricing: Delve into detailed insights on dynamic pricing, empowering with informed choices.
  • Transparent Financial Visibility: Enjoy clear and concise visibility into financial commitments, fostering effective financial management.

How does this New solution help?

The Sales Assistant transforms the way you handle campaign management, making it easier and more versatile than ever before. Let’s explore how this solution enhances your experience:

Simplifying Complexity: Say goodbye to the complications involved in creating campaigns. The Sales Assistant offers a streamlined process that ensures a user-friendly journey.

Smooth Solutions: Discover the solution’s capability to assist with various aspects of campaign creation, encompassing:

  • Precise budget selecting
  • Pinpoint audience targeting
  • Effortless availability checks
  • Detailed dynamic pricing and commitments insights
  • Swift invoice generation
  • Seamless creative content uploading

What Benefits will you unlock with the Sales Assistant?

Streamlined Simplicity: Easily move through each step of a simplified booking process with a unified user interface, improving the cohesion of your workflow.

Empowering Publishers: The Sales Assistant is specifically designed for sales representatives and publishers, providing you with intuitive and user-friendly features that enhance your capabilities and potential.

Discover Where and How to Get Started

Learn how to use the Sales Assistant with ease. Setup instructions are available in our wiki and facilitated by Salesforce flows.


It’s time to embrace the future of media campaign management with the Sales Assistant. This solution streamlines tasks and simplifies complexities, delivering unparalleled efficiency and user-friendliness in campaign creation and management. Bid farewell to complex procedures and welcome a new era characterized by simplicity. With the Sales Assistant, you can elevate your productivity, simplify your strategies, and confidently step into the future of media campaign management. Get ready to reshape your journey with this remarkable solution.




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