Salesforce CRM: How Media Companies Manage Advertising Revenue

The Value in Customer Relationship Management

  • Connecting various data points, such as digital ad inventory and revenue information for relevant accounts
  • Forwarding important information accurately to account managers and sales teams
  • Providing on-demand access anywhere to critical business details

1. Improved Workflow Tools

2. Manage Data for Cross-Media Accounts

3. Enhance Offers, Proposals, and Orders Across Accounts

  • Accessing past proposals, insertion orders, and RFPs
  • Managing process control for document changes
  • Revising pricing lists
  • Following up on provisions for sales and agencies
  • Aligning sales goals, inventory, and media packages from various units

4. Better Control of Lead to Advertising Revenue Management

5. Access to Quote-to-Cash Metrics

  • Guidance on configuring items on quotes
  • Prevention of errors or mismatches
  • Easy organization of price lists and discounting
  • Review management capabilities
  • Support in transforming proposals to orders
  • Management for invoicing and revenue recognition



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