Sanoma Media Finland Chooses ADvendio to Consolidate their Ad Management Processes

4 min readSep 12, 2019

Sanoma Consolidates Their Advertising Management with ADvendio

Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company based in Helsinki whom reach circa 97% of Finns each week.

With the transformation happening in the media business, Sanoma’s traditional business model was challenged. To address this they focused on creating a solution that truly met the needs of their customers.

The existing business model and systems adopted required a full realignment to better, process and manage master data in one system. Additionally, as a Salesforce Sales Cloud customer they required a native Salesforce solution which could consolidate their cross-media advertising within the Salesforce platform.

Sanoma Undertake Full Cross-Media Transformation

Previously operating in silos across separate legacy systems, Sanoma B2B solutions architecture had been fragmented, costly to maintain and did not support the cross-media business strategy.

Therefore, in 2015, Sanoma began using a ready-made SaaS solution in their B2B ecosystem development and also selected Salesforce as their CRM platform. However, the briefing, booking and finance process were still not connected to the Salesforce platform which did not address the current advertising operations of the company.

Wanting to limit the number of operating systems and integrations while managing all advertising inventory and harmoniously integrating with a Salesforce native solution, Sanoma were seeking a scalable cloud-first solution in order to consolidate their cross-media advertising.

The selection process began in 2017 and ADvendio was selected as a solution for their primary Lead-to-Cash (L2C) system with the goal to support all of their media and cross-media sales solutions. Over the past two years, Sanoma successfully integrated with the ADvendio software across their media channels including print and digital.

Having made major changes in order to align their master data, Sanoma successfully connected with ADvendio providing them with media-specific features such as it’s Salesforce-powered CRM, campaigns and inventory management, invoicing and accounting solutions using the phased approach, ultimately improving the overall collaboration between sales, operations, and accounting teams.

The end result provided Sanoma with a comprehensive solution with cross-media capabilities; one core platform and a common master data for L2C operations.

The main advantages of Sanoma’s new solution provides:

  • Simplified management of key data in one system, including customers, product, prices, and contracts.
  • Enhanced visibility: 360 view of customers.
  • Increased efficiency in cross-media operations.
  • Improved capabilities to develop and enhance their digital and cross-media offering which in turn will drive growth.

A Collaborative Effort Results in a Successful Implementation

The team of professionals from ADvendio and Sanoma working on the implementation process are pleased with the results.

Mark Gaser, Senior Technical Account Manager at ADvendio, is delighted with the results and appreciates Sanoma’s complete collaboration in completing a successful implementation.
“The efficient and professional approach from Sanoma and their professional team of specialists from ad operations, sales and IT made it possible to implement ADvendio as their cross-media sales system smoothly. Sanoma implemented ADvendio for digital and print and now currently use nearly the entire ADvendio package from account management, quote and order management to invoicing and accounting”

He explains “as Sanoma previously operated in silos across separate legacy systems, ADvendio allowed them to consolidate these operations in one single platform which we also supported their team in creating various API’s to other systems.

Stefan Ropte, Managing Director at ADvendio also adds: “Thanks to a modern API and reliable support it was possible to create a valuable integration for Sanoma in a very short time frame.”

Jaana Tanskanen, Core & Sales Solutions, B2B Services Owner at Sanoma Tech & Data and Mika Peippo, Director of Sanoma B2B Sales Operations explain: “At Sanoma B2B (sales and operations units), we currently have around 300 staff members using ADvendio on a daily basis.

For us the ADvendio is where we can find all relevant information and manage our operations. Thanks to ADvendio, we can maintain all product and customer data in one system, have access to all information related to prices, inventory, customer discounts and billing and are also able to create media bundle products and send a single invoice for the whole bundle.

By having all this information in one system, it allows us to easily build dashboard and reports for different business needs. This allows us to better manage our processes both at team and organizational levels.”

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