Summer ’22 Release: New Features and Enhancements

6 min readOct 21, 2022

We are always striving to improve the ADvendio product to provide our users with the best possible experience while remaining competitive in a constantly evolving landscape. As a result, our ADvendio Product and Development team releases new features and customer-focused updates every month to ensure that our advertising management software is future-proofed to meet the rapidly changing demands of the advertising industry.

Over the previous four months, we’ve added lots of new features and product improvements with our Summer 2022 Release Package. This release mainly focuses on our upgraded Campaign Builder functionality, our new Radius Search feature for outdoor advertising, and our latest integrations with Facebook and Google Campaign Manager 360.

Below is a rundown of some of the key enhancements we’ve made accessible to customers this summer.

Omnichannel Campaign Management
We aim to regularly improve our campaign management capabilities so that our publishers can easily design and execute omnichannel campaigns of all sizes and budgets. For this particular Summer Release package, we have focused on developing the following enhancements:

Upgraded Campaign Builder
Following the recent general availability release of our Campaign Builder, we have introduced a refreshed and modern user interface with performance enhancements by adding new features to smooth the end-to-end campaign management experience.

Optimized Targeting Selection
With the goal of simplifying the targeting process for sales reps, we have included support for multiple targeting options, such as geographic, per-device, per-inventory and per-connection targeting. We have also implemented a Key Value-targeting component within the Campaign Builder for Google, Xandr and FreeWheel campaign elements. This means that users can now define Key Values and Audience Segment targeting for their campaign elements. Lastly, we are pleased to share that the Campaign Builder is now able to convert old targeting formats for old campaign items created by the Media Configuration.

Copy Value & Split Item Features
To simplify the management of campaigns at scale, we have added the Copy Value feature to the Campaign Builder actions, allowing the user to choose the field from which they want to copy the value to other items. Furthermore, we have enhanced the actions allowed from the Campaign Builder per item/row by adding the Split Item feature. By selecting the Split Item option, the user can select the field by which they want to split the item, for instance, the time frame or other fields such as targeting.

Application of Price Rules
Pricing rules can be applied in the Campaign Builder to ensure that inventory is sold at the correct price through automated discounts and markups set based on specific criteria. This enhancement helps the user keep track of all items on-demand and quickly get an overview of what and how much prices have been adjusted in a given campaign

Extended Availability Check
Thanks to our extended availability check, users can confirm the availability of exclusive and connected on-demand items along with a forecast of how many units each item can reach to meet their campaign goals.

Brand New Radius Search for OOH Campaigns
To improve the user experience for our outdoor advertising customers, we have added a new feature to the Media Search that helps sales reps identify content and advertising locations based on geographic coordinates. The new Radius Search defines a specific radius and assists in selling outdoor advertising campaigns or inventory within a predefined distance.

Optimized First-Party Targeting Data
We listened to our customers’ requirements and added the ability to connect separate audience segments in order to predefine different values and their matching operators. As a result, audience segment presets for FreeWheel and Xandr are now supported for improved management of first-party targeting data.

Advanced Contract Commitments Capabilities
Collaboration with any third-party entity can be risky. Even with the agreed restrictions on such arrangements, it is possible for underperforming advertising to be the source of growing tensions between publishers and third-party vendors when it comes time to renew contracts if progress is not consistently tracked over the life of the contract.

ADvendio is aware of this and, in order to maintain transparency and efficiency throughout the life of all partnerships, has enhanced the advanced commitment functionality to easily allow hierarchical matching of commitments based on specified weighted criteria. Moreover, in an effort to streamline commitment management workflows, it is now possible to apply multiple conditions of a given condition type using hierarchical matching criteria.

Seamless Connections For Your Data
At ADvendio, we understand that the complexity of the advertising industry is at its peak; whether you are a media buyer or a seller, there is a multitude of systems and platforms necessary to carry out your day-to-day advertising needs. As a result, and to maximize business efficiency, we prioritize simplifying the management of all advertising activities through native integration enhancements such as:

Google Campaign Manager 360 Reporting
As the trend shows media buying and selling moving closer together, and as it is no longer just agencies looking to plan campaigns on behalf of their advertisers or sell premium partner inventory, it has become essential to rely on tools that help streamline advertising processes, much like Google Campaign Manager 360.

Google Campaign Manager 360 is a versatile tool for both planning ad campaigns and directly tracking reporting data from publishers or other platforms that clients buy from.

With our recent reporting integration, ADvendio enables users to extract KPI and cost data directly from the platform automatically. Whether it is for reconciliation against a planned budget or for billing purposes, it is now possible to track media spend and budgets at the click of a button.

Facebook and Instagram are Generally Available
We are pleased to announce that our partner integration with Meta Business is now accessible to all our media buying customers. We have successfully met all of Facebook’s security requirements and we are proud to report that ADvendio can now support our customers in booking their media buying campaigns directly into Facebook and Instagram. Our automated reporting solution will also assist in tracking costs and KPIs more effectively while aligning data with pre-set budget planning for complete and actionable insights.

Improved Creative Upload
When it comes to uploading creatives in AdServers, you have the option to fully customize creative formats to meet individual requirements, however, native ads often have very specific settings for delivery.

For this purpose, and to further ease the user experience, we have enhanced our creative upload solution in this Summer Release package. Enabling users to import all the necessary data about their specific custom or native formats directly from the AdServer with a single click. Starting now, these will be seamlessly included in our creative upload feature and ready to be selected by your users for a simplified campaign management flow.

Popular Integrations Enhancements
With each release, we strive to improve our existing integrations, either by following up on new use cases or leveraging the latest technologies. This season has been no exception and key enhancements include:

Google Ad Manager
We are continually updating our integrations to provide customers with the latest features while maintaining a safe connection, and Google Ad Manager is no exception. With our summer release, we migrated to a new authentication standard implemented by Google to improve the security of communication between systems. We’ve also upgraded to the most recent API versions and provided additional options to enhance our key value-targeting capabilities.

In order to streamline processes and improve the user experience, we have enhanced Xandr’s budget and goal settings to provide total flexibility in the way Xandr bookings are configured from ADvendio.

We have increased the flexibility of our reporting options for our integration with AdWizz so that publishers can tailor them to the extent of detail they require. In addition, we have enabled the feature to visualize inventory performance on the fly along with updating delivery reports for smoother workflows.

For customers who would like further details on our features, release notes, or support information, you can access the ADvendio Knowledge Base at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about ADvendio, you can check out our AppExchange® listing or simply reach out to your ADvendio technical account manager, who will be happy to discuss your needs in further detail.




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