Summer Release ’18: Improvements to Ad Management Experience

3 min readSep 28, 2018

Each season, ADvendio release a series of new features in its ad management software for publishers, broadcasters and advertisers to enhance its sales, inventory management, and financial reporting.

Last spring our integration with Freewheel was announced along with new and improved third-party payout options.

For this release, we’ve worked on a series of improvements to enhance the Lightning Ready experience in addition to further integrations for streaming media and new applications to advance ad-agency relations and accountancy records.

See below some of these key improvements and integrations.

Rate Card Enhancements

Instead of manually creating new rate cards and ad prices, ADvendio users can now directly copy their rate cards with all ad prices to their inventory and order management system, streamlining and optimizing their ad rate management process.

Quickbooks Accounting Integration

Publishers, broadcasters, and advertisers were looking for improved integrations with, Intuit Quickbooks a leading accounting software businesses worldwide.

With this integration ADvendio’s ad management software now allows users to report and import their advertising records such as invoices directly into the application, reducing accounting and reporting errors.

Third Party and Agency Earnings Commission Contracts

Publishers often required customized workflows to track financial agreements between customers and agencies. Additional activities included following up with third-party commissions, discounts, rebates, and agency contracts.

Now publishers can create commitments which automatically inputs the correct data into their media campaigns while accumulating the turnover reached within their contracts.

Key features include:

  • Selecting a specific agency to apply all conditions to their earning records.
  • Matching third-party commission commitments with intermediaries on the media campaign.

Improved Deferred Accounting Interface

ADvendio’s new release enhances deferred accounting methods for both indirect and direct payments. It allows accountants in media companies to register deferrals in their accounts receivable as debit entries and in their accounts payable as credit entries.

New Site Goals for Revenue Splits

This new feature allows users to compare values and split revenue between various media campaign members. For instance, the following features can help when calculating commissions:

  • Planning and tracking ad sales goals for bonus calculation or forecast revenue per sales representative.
  • Introduce site goals to prepare an advertising budget per site, regardless of who is the sales representative.

Asynchronous Ad Server Gateway

Our ad server gateways have been optimized for stability and reliability providing users with a well-presented and easy to use interface.

Do you want to know more about these ad management integrations and improvements? Make sure to check out the latest release notes at the ADvendio Knowledge Base.

You can find more information by requesting a Demo or checking us out at Salesforce AppExchange

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