Supercharge Your Ad Sales: Unleashing Success with Cutting-Edge Ad Sales Software Solutions

5 min readSep 21, 2023


Ad sales software manages and streamlines the process of selling advertising space or airtime to advertisers. Publishers, advertising agencies, media companies, and digital marketing professionals use it regularly to help their clients manage distribution and billing from a single platform.

Publishers and agencies not using cutting-edge ad sales software may experience problems, including trouble planning ad campaigns, cumbersome workflows, and billing errors. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to explain why publishers should use ad sales software, the benefits it brings, and some success stories from people using ADvendio’s industry-leading solution.

Why Publishers Should Use Ad Sales Software:

Managing ad sales manually can generate numerous problems. These include:

  • Difficulty managing omni-channel campaigns. Publishers must create individual orders for each media channel, which is inefficient, time-consuming, and a hassle for customers.
  • Trouble planning in real-time. Manual techniques relying on periodic reviews can’t respond to price changes rapidly.
  • Operational ineffectiveness. Publishers must manage multiple systems, such as CRMs and invoicing software, that don’t integrate.
  • Difficulty assessing data. Publishers that don’t use ad sales software can’t see all their client’s data in one place, making it harder to adjust campaigns.

Fortunately, ad sales software streamlines the ad sales process by improving ad inventory management, order processing, and reporting and deals with the above problems. Solutions offer complete support for traditional and programmatic media channels, including streaming, digital, and print, enabling publishers to provide clients with a seamless omnichannel presence. Data also flows in real-time, letting publishers switch tactics rapidly in response to changing price information or user interaction data.

Additionally, management systems optimize the sales process from order to invoice with automation and better workflows. Integrations are possible with ad exchanges, enterprise resource planning software, and accounting systems.

Finally, data visualization tools, KPI tracking, and campaign optimizations enable robust reporting. Agencies can quickly decipher what incoming information is telling them and act on it.

Data-driven decision-making in the context of ads is essential because it enables firms to plot an optimal course to maximize customer awareness, lead generation, and sales, given their budget constraints. Ad sales software presents numerous metrics that enable profound and valuable insights into where ad campaigns are succeeding and where there is room for improvement.

Benefits of Using Ad Sales Software

The benefits of adopting ad sales software are significant. Publishers can enjoy increased efficiency, fewer human errors, and improved workflow automation.

Streamlining comes from the ability of clients to create and manage their marketing campaigns via publishers’ self-service advertising portals, whereas error reduction is made possible by bypassing manual data entry with programmatic deals integrated into SSPs and ad exchanges. Smart automation deals with elements of the process that would usually require human intervention, such as raising orders or invoices.

Ad sales software also enhances targeting capabilities, allowing publishers to deliver more relevant ads to their clients’ audiences. It does this by enabling superior data collection, targeting leads in real-time, personalizing ads, and audience segmentation. Some solutions also facilitate A/B testing to see which advertising strategies are the most effective.

Finally, ad sales software saves time. It reduces the labor required to administer a campaign, enabling publishers to focus on strategy and growth. Automated ad placements, real-time bidding, ad approval and compliance, and inventory management all assist this process.

Introducing ADvendio

ADvendio is a leading ad sales software solution. Our platform enables you to respond faster to requirements without losing quality. You can deliver proposals to clients that perfectly meet their needs and scale request handling via our intuitive interface. Integrate direct and programmatic sales, create proposals and orders, offer discounts and surcharges with automatic book balancing, and create proposals, orders, and order confirmations with a single click.

Success Stories

Our customers have seen tremendous success using ADvendio.


CBC approached ADvendio after Google deprecated DoubleClick Sales Manager in 2019. The broadcasting station needed a scalable advertising management solution that supported its advertising processes and integrated with AdExchanges and Doubleclick DFP.

Advendio successfully implemented its software with CBC to streamline its business unit’s advertising management process. Consequently, the media channel improved collaboration across the organization between operations, sales, and accounting.

Pedestrian Group

Pedestrian Group saw a similarly transformative effect from implementing ADvendio. Australia’s leading youth-centered publisher wanted to make its ad operations and business reporting more efficient. The company approached ADvendio to help it streamline after scaling quickly and reduce its disjointed use of Excel and CMS tools.

ADvendio linked Pedestrian Group’s processes with various features, including inventory management, ad server connections, a Salesfore-powered CRM, a booking calendar, billing runs, and more. These solutions reduced errors significantly, which were rife at the brand.

Aller Media

Aller Media needed ADvendio to assist it in migrating from a traditional print media organization to a leader in digital subscription and ad sales. Implementing ADvendio’s software enabled the firm to transform its operations while implementing a cloud-based solution complying with EU regulations.


Finally, the Finnish media channel Sanoma approached ADvendio to help it transition from a traditional publisher into a company better able to meet the needs of its online customers. With our help, it embarked on a full cross-media transformation. ADvendio provided a cloud-based solution that limited the brand’s number of operating systems while integrating inventory harmoniously with Salesforce. Sanoma also integrated ADvendio with numerous media channels, including digital, print, TV, video, and radio. Consequently, the company now enjoys a 360-degree view of its customers and simplified data and ad management in a single platform.


This article taught that ad sales software can dramatically and significantly improve ad management. Companies implementing these solutions benefit from lower costs, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced client experience.

If you are a publisher or ad agency struggling to manage your client’s ad campaigns, find out how solutions like ADvendio can enhance your ad sales operations. Discover how cost-effective and seamless it could be to run multiple advertiser accounts across numerous platforms.




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