Top 8 Trends for Online Classifieds in 2024

4 min readApr 19, 2024


The landscape of online classified ads is constantly evolving. While there are many trends with this form of advertising, there are a lot of challenges that advertisers themselves are faced with.

To ensure ad authenticity and stand out from fake or misleading ads, advertisers need to do more to gain the trust of consumers who are being exposed to them.

In this guide, we’ll look at the top 10 trends for online classifieds in 2024, from a mobile-first approach to utilizing geolocation-based technology.

1. AI-Powered Personalization

It’s no surprise that artificial technology or AI for short, is dominating the entire digital world as we know it. A lot of businesses are either in the ‘love it’ or ‘loathe it’ camp, with anyone in between unsure of whether it’s going to be beneficial to them or not.

As an advertiser, AI has its benefits. Online classified platforms are using AI algorithms to personalize user experience, showing consumers relevant ads based on user behavior and their preferences. These are benefits that you should be taking advantage of as an advertiser in 2024.

With AI, you could improve your targeting or automate tasks whether that’s through ad creation or reporting.

2. Mobile-First Approach

The use of smartphones is forever growing in popularity, which is why online classified platforms should focus on optimizing platforms for mobile users. This helps to offer a seamless experience via mobile devices.

Consider the quality of imagery you use, be concise with headlines for mobile-friendliness, and provide responsive designs.

3. Interactive Ads

Interactive elements are a great way to catch the attention of users and so online classified platforms are starting to introduce more of these interactive features.

Ad formats such as games, polls, and quizzes are a great way to engage users and hopefully drive more conversions as a result.

If you’re looking for the right interactive features, then Statista suggests interactive videos and games are used the most.

4. Augmented Reality

Technology is transforming at breakneck speed. AR technology is one of those that is being used more and more over time. With online classified ads, you’re able to provide users with interactive and immersive experiences that capture the individual’s attention from the very beginning.

Augmented reality (AR) can be used in a way so that users can visualize products before hopefully making a purchase. According to Emodo, by 2025, global AR ad revenue is projected to grow to $6.68 billion.

5. Geolocation-Based Technology

The utilization of geolocation technology to offer location-based services is beneficial for online classifieds. Geolocation helps advertisers to connect with customers that are within close physical proximity to the business.

As a result of geolocation-based technology, it exponentially increases the effectiveness of every advertising campaign you drive through your online classifieds in 2024.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Voice assistants are being integrated through online classified platforms to optimize content for voice search. It’s a type of user search that has become extremely popular in recent years, thanks to the rise in smartphones.

Did you know that the number of voice search users in 2023 was a staggering 125.2 million? This type of technology is being used because many users already prefer voice-based interactions.

Adding these to your online classified ads is a great way to elevate your ads for increased interaction and engagement.

7. Video Ads

Video content has become increasingly popular simply because it’s more digestible and engaging for users. You can expect to see an increase in video ads on classified platforms.

Moving imagery is a great way to capture someone’s attention in general, so making sure the video content is of high quality is essential. Classifieds are getting smarter in how they advertise and sell products, so it’s important to utilize this for your efforts in advertising for 2024.

8. New Business Models

As part of an everchanging landscape, there will likely be newer business models cropping up within the online classified ads market throughout 2024. To stay relevant and profitable, eBay, an OG in classified ads has already partnered with Craigslist and eBay Classifieds to provide a unified experience for sellers.

It’s therefore imperative to adapt and evolve your business model when it comes to introducing online classifieds.


There are many upcoming technologies and industry collaborations in the online classified ads market.

Online classified ad platforms will continue to learn from their users through AI and the knowledge gained will help deliver more timely and relevant ads. As AI becomes more advanced, so too will its accuracy in understanding human behaviors and needs.

The market of classified ads online is sure to revolutionalize, rather than perhaps seen by some as being dead. The integration of AI, amongst other trends featured in this guide is sure to make your efforts within advertising, a lot easier and effective.

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Originally posted on on 19th April 2024




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