UK shoppers’ blended trust for product recommendation sources prompts need for cross-channel ads

1 min readJan 10, 2024

With UK shoppers now demanding more ‘blended’ product recommendations, both from traditional ad channels, as well as from brands and retailers they already trust, retail businesses will need to evolve their channel-mix for consumer engagement, the latest research from ADvendio, the omnichannel advertising solution provider, suggests.

Article Highlights

Consumer Trust in Product Recommendations:

  • 41%: UK shoppers find recommendations from loyal retailers most trusted.
  • 40%: Traditional TV ads follow closely in trustworthiness.

Ad Content Preferences Take a Turn:

  • 26%: Prefer curated content from trusted brands.
  • 20%: Trust traditional print media.
  • 18%: Trust social media for content.

Cross-Channel Approach to Shopper Engagement:

  • Emphasis on a blended 1st and 3rd party channel approach.

Consumer Demands for Personalized Advertisements:

  • 50%: Desire highly curated, personalized advertisements.
  • 65% (Gen Z) and 62% (Millennials): Lead in seeking personalized communications.

Importance of First-Party Data in Ad Strategies:

  • 38%: More likely to purchase based on recommendations from regularly shopped retailers.

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