Webinar — Efficient Programmatic Advertising

1 min readJul 6, 2020


ADvendio account managers Samantha Westphal & Jan Reiners provide an overview of how you can streamline your programmatic advertising process in Salesforce. Holistically manage your direct & programmatic advertising activities and leverage smart automation and seamless integrations to make ADvendio your complete solution for ad management.

The recording will take you on a demo through the ADvendio system as Samantha & Jan demonstrate some of the key programmatic workflows for programmatic advertising in ADvendio such as the Programmatic Revenue Cockpit, Analytics Studio, and Media Campaign Management hub. Samantha & Jan also share an overview of ADvendio’s programmatic roadmap for the coming months to keep you updated on our enhancements as we strive to continuously future-proof our solution.

Watch the full webinar recording below.


Overview of the themes covered:

  1. Key Programmatic Use Cases
  2. Streamlining Programmatic Processes
  3. Increasing Programmatic Advertising Efficiency
  4. Maximizing Yield Potential

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