Webinar — Establish New Market Opportunities with ADvendio’s Self-Serve Ad Platform

1 min readMar 19, 2020

Didn’t get to attend our self-service webinar? Don’t miss out by viewing the recording of our first in a three-part series of webinars on ADvendio’s new self-service advertising management platform. Product Manager, Jennifer Hornibrook and Enterprise Account Manager, Samantha Giaver guide you through the process of empowering your clients and stakeholders book, run, optimize and instantly pay for media campaigns with ADvendio’s powerful self-serve advertising platform. Users can satisfy all of their media campaign needs independently, from campaign creation through to instant payment. Saving you time to invest in crucial aspects of your business process.


  1. Media Campaign Booking
  2. Campaign Invoicing
  3. Campaign Reporting

Should you have any further questions please use the following link to contact customer support or to set up a personalized demo:

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